New “environmental” rules with one billion $$ cost to kill American jobs, help Mexican truckers

[Source: California Political News and Views] Last week I published a story about an Uber-affiliated firm that is beginning to provide Uber type of service for the trucking industry. Previously the California Political News and Views noted that NAFTA allowed Mexican trucks, low cost to operate, to distribute goods in the United States. Ford is about to take major advantage of this by building all its small cars in Mexico, then using Mexican truckers—not unionized Teamsters—to deliver the finished product.  This is a great cost savings. Now a Southern California government agency is going to create even more jobs and profits for Mexican-based trucking companies.

“In late June, the newly hired top administrator for the South Coast Air Quality Management District proposed a clean-up plan that could cost as much as $1 billion a year for years to come by providing truck fleet owners and other polluters financial incentives to acquire cleaner operating machines.

But no clear way to cover the cost has emerged and the air seems to be getting worse. Most days this summer failed to meet the federal health standard for lung-searing ozone in Southern California’s ocean-to-mountain air basin.”

You got it right—a government agency is going to ADD one billion to the cost of trucking for American truckers—the Mexican government must be cheering! Between U.S. rules, the new Uber trucking firm and the low cost of Mexican trucking, the American economy is about to take a massive hit.  Think government is helping Americans?

Source: California Political News and Views
October 3, 2016